Success Stories


One of the major success stories in the spine arena of the last decade, XLIF is a less invasive way to approach spinal fusion surgery. XLIF spinal fusion is performed from the side rather than the front or back, dramatically reducing pain and recovery time. NuVasive engaged The Ruth Group to build visibility for its innovative spine technology.   

The TRG “Cheetah” Speed Match
NuVasive is an aggressive, share taking sales and marketing driven organization with a cheetah speed culture.   They demand in an agency a similar dedication and passion that they demonstrate every day internally.   And results are the judge.    TRG was a perfect partner. 

Delivering the Deliverables
TRG delivered investor and public relations results for NuVasive. Our program evolved as they drove to success. TRG crafted a "David and Goliath" story, backed by tangible clinical results, and blitzed target audiences with the dramatically improved patient outcomes and surgeon adoption of XLIF.

Our Commitment Never Ceases
TRG helped NuVasive to catapult itself into the fifth largest player in the $7.7 billion global spine market. Revenues have grown from $35 million to nearly $500 million (annual run rates) and NuVasive is widely recognized as the global pioneer of lateral access spinal fusion surgery. Specifically, TRG achieved:

  • Consistent and widespread top-tier media placements
  • Seven new bulge bracket sell-side analysts
  • Deepened and broadened institutional shareholder base 


The process of moving drug candidates through Phase 3 clinical development and to regulatory review faces significant challenges. The hurdles are higher than ever, and the effective communication of clinical and regulatory milestones is critical. NeurogesX is a standout for success in developing and commercializing a novel treatment for neuropathic pain.

Creating a New Treatment Paradigm
TRG partnered with NeurogesX in 2007 for its IPO and to build recognition for its Phase 3 drug candidate across target audiences. Today, Qutenza(R) (capsaicin) 8% patch is unlike anything else in the market for neuropathic pain. TRG developed a cutting-edge program and understands the importance of positioning novel therapies and continuously educates target audiences about breakthrough treatments and technologies. In addition, TRG works with clients on developing metrics for tracking product adoption.

Solid Execution
Phase 3 pivotal results and regulatory decisions surrounding new drug applications are of critical importance to the biopharmaceutical industry. Clear, transparent communication of clinical data and FDA responses, and the value that these milestones create, can be instrumental in attracting corporate partners, potential investors, physicians and patients. TRG worked closely with NeurogesX through its Phase 3 clinical results of Qutenza and follow-on data presentations at scientific meetings and in journal publications. TRG was there every step of the way from scenario-based planning for FDA and EMA decisions to outlining messages and outreach strategies for all potential outcomes. Our customized institutional targeting focused on investors with a revenue-generating product adoption story.

IPC The Hospitalist Company, Inc.

IPC created a new medical paradigm with the formation of the first major player in the hospitalist sector.   New paradigms require education and clear messaging.   TRG made that happen with its IPO in 2008 and continues to on a regular basis.   The value of the Company today reflects the continuing success of its business model and the efficiency it offers to the healthcare system.

A Rapid Growth Story, Under the Radar
“Hospitalist medicine,” is recognized as one of the fastest growing specialties in medicine.  TRG has worked side by side with management to raise visibility of hospitalist medicine and IPC.   A small cap company under the radar, we optimized investor targeting and sell-side coverage.  A major program component is the aggressive outreach with TRG’s extensive network of healthcare-focused investors and analysts. 

A True IR Partner
TRG’s full-service IR program includes sell-side analyst targeting, maximization of conference participation, institutional investor marketing road shows and counsel on earnings and message positioning. Serving as the primary liaison between the investment community and management, TRG functions as a true partner to IPC’s dynamic management team. 

A Sure Model for Success
Today the IPC brand is synonymous with hospitalist medicine.  And this new area of medicine is widely recognized by the investment community.  Together, we continue to actively market the story, and are tracking at approximately 500 unique investor meetings/conferences calls since 2008. 

Quark Pharmaceuticals

Leveraging Scientific Milestones for Visibility
A new player in the SIRNA space with unique IP; Quark was little known on the global stage for scientific focus on the promise of sRNAi therapeutics.    Differentiated business model from other major players focused on technology partnerships for clinical development.   Quark discovers and develops proprietary drugs as well.

A Strong Drive for Positioning and Credibility
Positioning required an aggressive drive to differentiate Quark science, underscore its IP, outline upcoming clinical milestones and demonstrate validation through pharma collaborations.   Each milestone was clearly strategized to underscore leadership, scientific excellence and therapeutic focus.    Major backgrounders outlined these strategic initiatives, updated for each milestone achievement and clinical result.

The Results Continue
News is only as good as its results.  Results are visibility, credibility and scientific validation.   Trade media was a major conduit for our messaging to cover news, correct misperceptions, arrange management interviews and highlight milestones.   Today Quark is the leader in SIRNA with six drugs moving through the clinic, two major larger pharma agreements and poised for potential capital market activity.